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In Melbourne Shabbat begins Fri 10 Apr 2020 05:41 PM and ends Sat 11 Apr 2020 06:40 PM

Kashrut Bulletin 2

כ"א אדר א' ה' אלפים תשס"ח

Warning re TWININGS flavoured teas

The London Beth Din have advised us that the Twinings teas sold in the US, Canada and Israel are Kosher certified but those sold in the United Kingdom are not the same varieties and they have therefore delisted them.

As the products sold in Australia are produced in the UK, we have requested information about similarities and differences in the ingredients and manufacturing processes between the US and the UK. The information we now have is that there may be some differences in the ingredients. Therefore, we advise that Twinings teas containing flavours (the ingredient that can make such products problematic) should be retained but not used pending further investigation. Please read the ingredient list for words such as "Lemon flavours". Our general comment on plain unflavoured teas being permissible remains in force, however. 

Kosher consumers are advised that Madura Teas, available in many supermarkets, provide a wide range of Kosher certified teas.

•2)     Ardmona/Goulburn Valley/SPC/Southern Cross

Tinned fruits from the above companies marked with an 'S' (made in Shepparton) in the inkjet stamp on the lid or base have been suspended as of last Friday. Please only use those marked with an 'M' (made in Moroopna). We have advised supermarkets with a large Jewish clientele so that they can request (but will not be guaranteed) the tins made in the Moroopna factory. Existing fruit products with an ‘S' may be used up.

Note that tomato products with an ‘S' are NOT acceptable and should not be used.

•3)     Kosher Australia Food Guide

The 2008 Guide has gone to the printer and features a much easier-to-use format, a new Table of Contents listing the categories so you can jump to the category of your choosing, brochos for all products, a new Tevilas Keilim guide at the back listing what items require tevilah and what require a brachah, the inclusion of Non-Kosher products marked clearly in bold red, hundreds of additional products and much more. Subscription reminders are going out under separate cover.

•4)     Kosher Fest Australia

Just a day after the inaugural Kosher Fest Australia (organised by St Kilda shule),  just two quotes sum up the success.  One very surprised Kosher food retailer: "it was way beyond what I thought". One equally surprised Kosher consumer: "I had no idea that all of those products are Kosher".

Between 11am and 5pm on a pleasant Sunday, more than 1000 people poured into St Kilda Shule's Adele Southwick Hall to sample the wares of familiar and not so familiar Kosher foods. They had the chance to become acquainted with Riverina Grove sauces, Bill's Organic Breads (Pas Yisroel), Brookfarm macadamia mueslis and savoury nuts, Wallaby Food Bars, Beechworth Honeys, Catercare fresh fruits, Old Colonial shortbread cookies, Archibald Honeys, Thomas Chipman chips, Fruitwise fruit straps, Cobbs popcorns, Aktavite, Carman's Breakfast bars, Glidan sorbets and ice cream treats, Moonlite fruit wines and Lark liquors. All of these have become Kosher in just the past couple of years.

Other ‘old hand' Kosher exhibits were Glicks, Lichtenstein, Tempo, Melbourne Kosher Butchers, Kraus Foods, Beckett's Flat wines and Royal Wine Corporation. And we can't forget the lead sponsor, Eskal Foods who had a large display of imported products from Israel and the US.

A very large ‘Yasher KoChachem' to the Kosher Fest organising committee and to all the participants.

In response to some of the comments and questions:

  • Nippy's - to prove that we are all human, one product slipped through that has yet to become Kosher. The chocolate milk drink will be kosher certified (although not Cholov Yisroel) within the next 6 weeks or so (just after Pesach) and will carry the words "K/A KOSHER" printed next to the Best Before Date. The chocolate drinks on display were not acceptable. Note that their juice ranges are already all Kosher certified pareve.
  • Yes, the Cobbs ‘Wild Spice' flavour popcorn IS Kosher certified. The Kosher symbol was inadvertently left off the packaging and will be corrected.
  • For those who asked, we are advised that the Thomas Chipman potato chips are available in the healthfood sections of Safeway/Woolworths. The corn chips are in Coles as well. They are also carried already by some of the Kosher retailers.
  • Riverina Grove ‘3 Tops' tomato sauce is already available in Coles with the BBQ and Chilli sauces soon to follow.
  • Old Colonial shortbread is in the biscuit section of Coles - all are Pas Yisroel but not Cholov Yisroel.
  • Bill's breads are already available at Macro and Barrett's in Melbourne.

And a little bird has told us that planning has already started for the next Kosher Fest ...


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