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Jewish breast cancer support group

י"ח אדר ב' ה' אלפים תשס"ח

Most people in the Jewish community are aware that Ashkenazi women have a predisposition to breast cancer. There are hundreds of women in the community who have been touched by breast cancer in their lives. And, unfortunately, many more will be affected until a cure can be found.

There are in existence many Breast Cancer support groups, but, with our unique culture and traditions, a support group specifically for Jewish women is considered to be better suited to meet the needs of women in our community.

The Jewish Breast Cancer support group aims to provide emotional support to all Jewish women with any stage breast cancer, whether they have had breast cancer in the past, or are currently undergoing treatment, in a comfortable, safe and confidential environment.

It will provide expert information sessions within the field of Breast Cancer and Women's Health in general.

It will also run workshops such as yoga and meditation to help these women live well, happily and healthily.

And the JBCSG also want to help look after the families of these women by holding separate partners meetings and having family outings to celebrate the various Jewish festivals during the year.

Our meetings are held at National Council of Jewish Women Australia (Victoria) House, 133 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield, from 8.00-9.30. Future dates are as follows: 

                                                                       Tuesday 1st April, 2008

                                                                       Wednesday 16th April, 2008

                                                                       Wednesday 30th April, 2008

                                                                       Wednesday 14th May, 2008

                                                                       Tuesday 27th May, 2008

Thereafter meetings should be fortnightly on Tuesday's from 27th May.

For further information contact:

Anne - 0419 396 627
Marsha - 0409 029 198
Email - jbcsgroup@gmail.com

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COSV chat

Breast cancer is a common disease affecting 1 in 8 women. While the work of the particular COSV group in providing support for individuals with breast cancer and their families is important, it is just as important to promote breast cancer awareness with an emphasis on education and avoidance of misinformation. In the article ‘Jewish breast cancer support group it is stated that 'Ashkenazi Jewish women have a predisposition to breast cancer.' This sentence is misleading and incorrect. Up to 2.5% of Ashkenazi Jews (& Iraqi Jews) may carry one of a number of founder mutations unique to the Ashkenazi Jewish population - these mutations significantly increase a woman's lifetime risk of both breast and ovarian cancer - however, to the best of our knowledge today, the rest of the Ashkenazi community (and thus the majority) have the same lifetime risk of developing breast cancer (or ovarian cancer) as women in the general population. Having a family history of breast cancer increases an individual's risk of developing breast cancer, but even amongst those with a family history of breast cancer, most will not have one of the currently known genetic mutations in their family. Women with a significant family history of breast cancer, a personal or family diagnosis of breast caner under the age of 40 or any personal or family history of ovarian cancer, should seek genetic counselling. Permit me to suggest that a more appropriate opening sentence may be: "Breast cancer is a common disease affecting 1 in 8 women. There are a number of founder genetic mutations that occur in a small percentage of Ashkenazi Jews and Iraqi Jews - these mutations significantly increase an individual's lifetime risk of breast and ovarian cancer. While this specific genetic predisposition to developing breast cancer is not common, breast cancer remains a major health issue for all women." Dr. Shani Paluch-Shimon Medical Oncologist

Posted by Dr Shani Paluch-Shimon - Oncologist on 2008-03-28 00:17:34 GMT