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In Melbourne Shabbat begins Fri 10 Apr 2020 05:41 PM and ends Sat 11 Apr 2020 06:40 PM

Pre Rosh hashana update

י"ז אלול ה' אלפים תשס"ח

Some pre-Rosh Hashana news (some of which is relevant to Melbourne consumers only).


1)    It is with regret that we are announcing the closure of Parkgrill on 24/9/08 which will be the final day of operation. The restaurant has been sold to new owners who have advised that they will not be maintaining it as Kosher. The current proprietors wish to thank the Kosher community for their support over the past 4 years. Please note that the Kosher Australia continues to kosher certify the following fleishig eateries – Lamzinis 2, Kimberley Gardens and Sabra Israeli Cafe.


2)    The Royal Nut Company produce and package a large variety of Kosher certified nuts, spices and dried fruit products. They have opened a new outlet at 148-150 Watteltree Road Malvern, phone (03) 9509 3333 in addition to their Brunswick store/factory which is located at 204-206 Albion Street, Phone: (03) 9383 5555. Consumers are reminded that only packaged products carrying the Kosher Australia symbol are Kosher certified & approved as the Company does carry non Kosher lines.


3)    The following Gippsland Yoghurt varieties are now Kosher certified

a.    Peach, Mango & Passionfruit

b.    Raspberry

c.     Wildberry

d.    Vanilla


4)    A reminder that Kosher Australia certifies honey under the following brands: Capilano, Beechworth, Archibald, Leabrook Farms, Pureharvest and Carman’s.


5)    Speaking of sweets, Sweet Enough  www.sweetenough.com.au have added an additional 30 gluten free and some sugar free confectionery products to their range. Those items that are Kosher Dairy are NOT chalav yisrael. These are available through Kosher retailers and selected pharmacies.


6)    Continental Kosher Butchers have added a number of new lines to those already available through selected Coles stores including various beef shashlik flavours and biltong (beef jerky). All these products are glatt, chassidishe shechita. (Make sure to eat the Indian spice shashlik with a glass of water handy!)


7)    The following Henry Langdon Teas - www.henrylangdon.com  are now Kosher certified:

a.    Chamomile & Lavender

b.    Lemongrass & Ginger

c.     Ceylon Orange Pekoe

d.    Assam

e.    Darjeeling

f.     Earl Grey

g.    English Breakfast

h.    Peppermint


8)    A reminder that Springs Smoked Salmon products (including the cooked salmon products) have been renamed Huon and carry the Kosher Australia symbol.


9)    Berry King (03 9585 3711) sauces, jams, dips and coulis are available at select Kosher retailers and many greengrocers (these products must carry the Kosher Australia symbol).


10)  Aussie Snax - www.aussie-snax.com.au  products are now available at Kosher retailers – these gluten free & pareve food bars are sold under the brand names A+, Kuranda and Aussie Snax and are Kosher when a K is printed after the Best Before date.


11)  Australian Vegie Gourmet (03 9585 5968) have come out with new packaging and four dip varieties are available from Coles in their refrigerated section. Other Vegie Gourmet dips, felafel and burgers are available through selected Kosher retailers.


As more information comes to hand – there are some exciting new products that are widely available are about to become Kosher certified – we’ll let you know via a formal Kosher Kontact or my informal Kosher News Bulletin when they happen.


On behalf of the Rabbonim, staff & Kosher Australia Board, allow me to wish you and your families a kesiva vachasima tova – a healthy & successful New Year – and we look forward to your support in 5769.


Best Regards,


Yankel Wajsbort

General Manager

Kosher Australia

direct tel: 03 8317 2502

office tel: 03 8317 2500 or 1300-Kosher

office fax: 03 9527 5665

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