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In Melbourne Shabbat begins Fri 10 Apr 2020 05:41 PM and ends Sat 4 Apr 2020 07:50 PM

Kashrut update - Succos 5769

כ' תשרי ה' אלפים תשס"ט

Kosher Australia have just been alerted by Coca Cola Amatil to changes in the formulations of the Deep Spring range. As a result, the following Deep Spring products are no longer Kosher approved:

·        Deep Spring - Mango Guava
·        Deep Spring - Orange & Mango 
·        Deep Spring - Orange & Passionfruit

 The following Deep Spring products are not approved pending further investigation:

·        Deep Spring - Lemon
·        Deep Spring - Orange, Lemon & Lime
·        Deep Spring - Pineapple Watermelon                      

The new varieties are marked as containing ‘Natural Colours and Flavours’. Old stock NOT labelled as such remains Kosher approved and pareve.

Note that ‘Deep Spring - Mixed Berry’ remains Kosher approved and pareve.

1)      Kimberley Garden are opening a grill restaurant on 27/10/08. The opening hours are Sunday-Thursday 5:00pm onwards.

2)      Glidan have opened a factory outlet for their frozen confection at 260 Glen Eira Rd, Elsternwick. It is open to the public Tuesday – Thursday 10.00am  to 6.00pm, Friday 9.00am  to 3.30pm.

3)      The following Go Natural food bars are Kosher certified Pareve ONLY when bearing Best Before Date after 1/9/09:


Go Natural Almond Apricot 175g
Go Natural Almond Apricot 40g
Go Natural Almond Coconut 40g
Go Natural Almond Hazelnut & Cranberry 50g
Go Natural Apricot Fruit Bar  35g
Go Natural Apricot Fruit Bar 175g
Go Natural Brazil Nut, Walnut & Date 50g
Go Natural Fruit & Nut Delight 175g
Go Natural Fruit & Nut Delight 50g
Go Natural Macadamia Apricot 40g
Go Natural Nut Delight 40g
Go Natural Peach & Apple Fruit Bar 175g
Go Natural Peach & Apple Fruit Bar 35g
Go Natural Savoury Almond Cashew 45g
Go Natural Savoury Macadamia Hazelnut 45g
4)      The following Sunbeam Bars are Kosher certified Pareve ONLY when bearing Best Before Date after 1/9/09:
Sunbeam Just Nut Nut Crunch Bars 180g
Sunbeam Original Fruit and Nut Bars 210g
Sunbeam Cashew Blend Fruit and Bars 210g
Sunbeam Almond Apricot Fruit and Nut Bars 210g

5)      Capilano Snap ‘n Share packs – Honey and Honey & Omega-3 are Kosher certified pareve.

6)      A reminder that Solo Lemon & Lime soft drink is being investigated and has yet to be approved.

7)      Recently questions re the acceptability of Kahlua liquor which does not carry the OU symbol have arisen with conflicting information coming from overseas authorities. We are investigating & hope to have some resolution shortly.

8)      On a final note, please see the instructions from Rabbi Yaakov Sprung (Chief Rabbi of Mizrachi) re disposition of esrogim from Israel:

“Many of you may have noticed the words Otzar Beit Din stamped (in Hebrew) on the Etrog boxes sold through our Bnei Akiva office (and elsewhere). The wording indicates that the etrog was grown during shmittah but was neither protected nor harvested for personal profit, rather it was given to a local Beit Din as part of a large crop, for a nominal fee compensated to the field's owner. The etrog retains the status of Kedushat Shevi'it, sanctified as grown during the 7th year of the shmittah cycle.

THEREFORE: following Hoshanah Rabbah (Monday 21st Tishrei, October 20th), the etrog MAY NOT be discarded as typically done. The etrog should be either:

a)            sliced for tea or made into jam (to be consumed prior to the month of Shvat - 25th January 2009) with the remaining peels after use (or jam preparation) double-wrapped in plastic

and then discarded, OR

b)            permitted to rot and then discarded in double-wrapped plastic.”

# reads: 146

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