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In Melbourne Shabbat begins Fri 3 Apr 2020 06:52 PM and ends Sat 4 Apr 2020 07:50 PM

Help send care packages to Israeli soldiers

י"ב טבת ה' אלפים תשס"ט

Throughout history the resolve of the Jewish people has repeatedly been tested foes determined to disrupt their peaceful traditions and way of life once again the nation of Israel finds itself in battle for its right to exist in peace and harmony among other nations.

On December 27th the Israel Defense Forces launched operation "Cast Lead" in an effort to protect all Israeli citizens from incessant attacks launched by neighboring terrorist the operation required the mobilization of thousands of active duty and reserve soldiers to the Gaza Strip.

The courageous young men and women the IDF have sworn to defend the Jewish Homeland have been fighting relentlessly to ensure the continuity to the Israeli of life from the violent and ruthless attacks of Hamas.

It is our responsibility to support the welfare of our Israeli soldiers as they fight to ensure the security of the state of Israel.

Please support our call to organize gift packages for the Israeli soldiers fighting on the front lines. A donation of 90 Ins will provide a much needed relief package for a soldier combating the front lines of terrorism during this perilous operation.

The support package includes thermal clothing to keep the soldiers warm, hygienic supplies and sweets.

Please send help for as many packages as you can and if you wish include an email message which will be delivered to the soldier with each donation of 90 Ins that you send.

100% of your donations are invested in this project and will go directly to the soldiers of IDF.

For details please click on this website address:



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