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In Melbourne Shabbat begins Fri 10 Apr 2020 05:41 PM and ends Sat 11 Apr 2020 06:40 PM

Hilchos Purim

ט' אדר ה' אלפים תשס"ט

  1. The day before Purim, Monday 13th of Adar (March 9) is a public fast - Tanis Esther.  All men and women are obligated to refrain from food on this day.  Pregnant and nursing mothers are exempt from fasting.
  2. If one has a health problem one should consult his local orthodox Rabbi regarding fasting.
  3. We recite special tefillos (prayers) on this day.  In the morning we add Avenu Malkenu and Selichos.
  4. After midday we cannot add on these prayers since it is already Erev Purim.
  5. Before Mincha, Monday we give 3 half coins (Machalzes Hashekel) for each male over twenty years of age.  If one wishes to give for one's children over Barmitzvah, one can.  One cannot use masser money for this custom.
  6. The previous Rebbe ZTL also gave these coins on behalf of his daughters.
  7. Duing the Mincha service we recite in the Brocho of Shema Koleineu, Annenu, if we are fasting.
  8. If one needs to eat one should try to daven Mincha early before eating and say the Annenu prayer.
  9. We read the Torah during the Mincha service even if we have only 3 people fasting.
  10. One should place a Shabbos tablecloth on the table for Purim.
  11. Before Maariv one should put on one's Shabbos clothing.
  12. During the 3 Amidah prayers and during bentching we recite the Al Hanissim prayer.  If one forgets one does not have to repeat the Amidah.
  13. One does not eat or drink before the reading of the Megillah.
  14. Even if one has not fasted one is still forbidden to eat a half hour before the Megillah.
  15. Men, women and children who are mature enough are all obligated to hear the whole Megillah (usually from the age of 8 and over).
  16. The reader recites 3 blessings before the reading of the Megillah both at night and in the morning.  One should not say Boruch Hu Boruch Shemoe during the blessings only Amen.  One should have in mind all the mitzvos of the day (Mishloach Monos, Charity, Festive meal) when the Schechyonu is recited by day.
  17. One may not talk from the beginning of the reading of the Megillah till the last word.  Every word must be heard properly.  If you miss a word you should recite the word on your own.
  18. It is meritorious that one should have one's own kosher Megillah and read together with the Chazan.
  19. The Chabad custom is to bang when Haman's name is mentioned only if it is followed by an adjective.
  20. One may sit during the reading of the Megillah.
  21. We recite some verses out loud such as Chapter 2 verses 5,8, verses 15, 16, verses 6,7,8,9,10 in Chapter 9 which is said in one breath.
  22. When one reads the Megillah it is folded like a letter (some say in 3 sections).
  23. One does not fulfil the mitzvah of Megillah if one hears it through a microphone, telephone, etc.
  24. After the Megillah is read the reader says the brocho of Horov Es Reveynu and then the congregation says Shoshanas Yakov.
  25. One should have a festive meal even on Purim eve after the fast.  The table should be set with candles burning.
  26. If one has not said Kiddush Levono till Purim one should recite it before the Megillah.

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