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Australian Kashrut not 'threatened'

כ"ג אב ה' אלפים תשס"ז

In the Australian Jewish News dated 3/8/07, a special report on 'SA Scandal Threatens Australian Kashrut' was published which made allegations concerning Kosher Australia. Both the Rabbinic Board and the Board of Management of Kosher Australia state as follows:

1) On page xvi of the 'Kosher Australia Food Bulletin' 2007 Kosher Australia sets out its policy with respect to products supervised or approved by other Rabbinic Authorities. That policy is:

"To increase the usefulness of this Bulletin, some product information from other kashrus authorities has been incorporated where the kashrus supervision would otherwise not be evident. However, these products are NOT endorsed nor under the supervision of Kosher Australia. A number following the relevant product or brand name acknowledges the source of the information supplied."

The products referred to by the Australian Jewish News report are listed in the Kosher Australia Food Bulletin 2007 on pages 48, 107, 114, 190, 206-8 and have the superscript 11 next to the company, which indicates that the information is from Rabbi Y. Engel, Adelaide Kashrut.

2) The three South Australian companies listed by the Australian Jewish News are not and have never been under the supervision of Kosher Australia. No commercial, contractual or other relationship has ever existed between any of these companies and Kosher Australia. These companies have been under the supervision of successive Rabbis who have been employed by the Adelaide Hebrew Congregation.

3) The community can be assured that the protocols, procedures and audits governing the supervision of the 238 companies and 6,065 products which are carried out by Kosher Australia are strictly controlled and are of the highest standards as clearly outlined on pages viii and ix of the introduction to Kosher Australia Food Bulletin.

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I'd like more clarification here. I don't know what the AJN was implying, and what it was that they got wrong. This KA statement is a little obscure.

Posted by Ralph on 2007-08-07 07:34:41 GMT

Thank you for posting our statement on the COSV website

Posted on 2007-08-07 07:12:33 GMT