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In Melbourne Shabbat begins Fri 10 Apr 2020 05:41 PM and ends Sat 11 Apr 2020 06:40 PM

Blake Street Appoints New Assistant Rabbi

י"ד תשרי ה' אלפים תש"ע

For Immediate Release
1st October 2009/13 Elul 5770

Blake Street Hebrew Congregation announces appointment of Assistant Minister.

Blake Street Hebrew Congregation has announced the appointment of Samuel Altschul as its Assistant Minister.

Samuel will work with recently appointed Blake Street Chief Minister, Rabbi Ian Goodhardt, to provide a range of services to the Kehilla, with primary focus on youth activities.

Throughout the lengthy appointment process for the new Chief Minister, the BSHC Committee was mindful of the need to offer more services to the large body of younger members. The Committee realised that appointing someone with primary focus in this area would provide the most benefit to the Shule.

Samuel Altschul, his wife Shosha and their family have been in Australia for two years. Initially, Samuel worked as the Assistant Minister at Kew Shule. He arrived in Australia from Denmark, where for many years he had worked extensively in the Copenhagen Jewish Community.

Following this second appointment, and with a new in-coming committee taking over on Shabbat Bereshit under President Eugene Berkovic, Blake Street is looking to further strengthen its position within the Melbourne Jewish Community.
Blake Street already has a full menu of social and religious activities, starting with daily morning services, evening shiurim, the Jewish Learning Centre one-on-one learning programme, a vibrant Bridge Club as well as weekly entertainment in the form of the Kumsitz Movie Club.

“With the appointment of Rabbi Goodhardt and now Samuel Altschul, Blake Street is fully equipped to provide the range of services and programs appropriate to a community of our size,” said incoming President Eugene Berkovic.

“We now have two very talented and enthusiastic religious leaders, Rabbi Goodhardt and Samuel Altschul, looking after the diverse needs of our community” he said.

·    Blake Street welcomes members and friends to its annual Simchat Torah activities on Motze Shabbat, 10 October, starting with a family Seuda Shlishit at 6.15 followed by children’s activities and Hakafot.
·    On Simchat Torah, Sunday 11 October, there will be a women’s and girls’ learning and celebration led by post-Bat Mitzvah age girls and their mothers from 10.15 am in the Shule library.
For further media information please contact:
Alexander Corne
Media Liaison, Blake Street Hebrew Congregation
0418 120 443
Eugene Berkovic
In-coming President, Blake Street Hebrew Congregation
0412 589 526

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