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In Melbourne Shabbat begins Fri 10 Apr 2020 05:41 PM and ends Sat 11 Apr 2020 06:40 PM

Latest Kosher Australia Update Dec 2010

ו' טבת ה' אלפים תשע"א


 Dear All,

1.    Chefs’ Cupboard Simply Stock Chicken (available from Aldi) is not acceptable despite the presence of the Kosher Australia symbol. This product can be identified by the listing of chicken extract on the ingredients panel. Chef’s Cupboard Liquid Stock - Chicken Flavour remains Kosher certified. The company is working to rectify the incorrect placement of the logo on this new product.

2.       We are pleased to advise that we have reached an agreement with Nestle regarding ongoing Kosher programmes and can reinstate the Kosher certification of Nesquik.

3.       Despite our best efforts to date, we have been unable to extract the required information to assess Slurpees from the syrup manufacturer and as such, we still cannot recommend them. To the best of our knowledge the Slurpee syrups used in Australia have not been investigated.

4.       The warning issued several months ago regarding Schweppes flavoured mineral waters remains in force. These are still under assessment and therefore not recommended at this time. Note that a number of flavours contain carmine.

5.       Jordan River brand dates (product of Israel) sold through Kosher outlets are marked as ‘Kosher for Passover and Year Round Use’, however no Kosher symbol appears on the packaging. After due diligence, we have been unable to substantiate the Kosher status of this product and they are therefore not recommended.

6.       We have been advised by the manufacturers of Delba brand Cocktail Rounds (German pumpernickel bread) that this product is not covered by their current Kosher supervision and is therefore not recommended even when sold by Kosher retailers.

7.       We are pleased to advise that the following caterers now offer Kosher catering under the strict supervision of Kosher Australia - Atlantic Wharf, Damm Fine Foods & Eshel (including store operations). Only functions that are carded with signed Kosher Australia table cards are under Kosher Australia supervision.

8.       Until further notice Vitasoy vanilla flavoured soy milk (UHT) should not be used. Existing product should be discarded but utensils are not affected. We are working with the companies involved to rectify the situation.

9.       The Orthodox Union (OU) have advised that Brunswick Sardine products in Oil with Best By codes between June 2015 and November 2015 & Brunswick Sardines Water and Sauce Packs with Best By codes between June 2013 and November 2013 are not acceptable due to the potential presence of krillet even when bearing the OU symbol.

10.   Golden Circle beetroot products are now Kosher certified pareve & mehadrin.

11.   Ajitas, Vege ChipsTasty Cheese flavour and Vege Grain ChipsSour Cream & Chives flavour are both Kosher-certified dairy. The company inadvertently used the standard (Pareve) symbol and will correct this anon. Other Ajitas varieties carrying the Kosher Australia logo are Kosher certified pareve.


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