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In Melbourne Shabbat begins Fri 10 Apr 2020 05:41 PM and ends Sat 11 Apr 2020 06:40 PM

Some Yomtov Food suggestions

כ"ב אלול ה' אלפים תשס"ז

In the run up to the Yom Tov season, we'd like to take the opportunity to let people know about some new products and some not-so-new that will help with the Yom Tov cooking or just to sweeten things up.


1) Many of the major brands of honey are Kosher certified - Capilano, Beechworth, Leabrook Farms, Archibald and Pureharvest. Recently, Leabrook developed its spreadable honey range, all Kosher certified and available in most supermarkets.

2) The following artificial sweeteners are kosher approved:

a. Fruisana made by Danisco and is certified by the Orthodox Union even when the packaging does not bear the OU kosher symbol.

b. CSR Smart (pack and sticks) is kosher approved by Kosher Australia.

c. Hermesitas sticks are not kosher approved and contain dairy ingredients. (Hermesitas tablets are Kosher certified pareve by Rav Levinger.)

3) Looking for fish? Contact Clamms Seafoods at www.clamms.com.au for their certified range of skin on filleted and whole fish.

4) Continental Kosher Butchers have launched a new website www.ckb.com.au

All their products are glatt kosher and readily available at select Coles and Woolworths stores as well as from their Malvern store and via telephone orders.

5) As an accompaniment for your fish or meat dishes, why not try a selection of gourmet dips from Australian Veggie Gourmet such as Basil pesto, Beetroot, Moroccan Lentil, Thai Carrot and Spinach & Garlic? These are available at kosher retailers and at Coles. Be sure to look out for the Kosher Australia symbol on the packaging.

6) To add that extra flavour to your soups, Massel stock powders and cubes are widely available - all Kosher certified pareve. Note that the Massel liquid stocks are not acceptable.

7) For that savoury tapenade, sauce or topping, try the products from Riverina Grove (www.riverinagrove.com.au) - their 3-Tops Chilli sauce is excellent (the Tomato and BBQ sauces aren't too bad either). Kosher sauces and products are Kosher certified by Kosher Australia.

8) For the wine enthusiast, try Beckett's Flat's new Five Stones range - visit their website (www.beckettsflat.com.au) for more information and ordering details.

9) For Succos, don't forget the exquisite range of Lark liquors (www.larkdistillery.com.au) - all Kosher certified.

10) Darrell Lea ‘naked' liquorices and liquorice twists are now kosher certified. Kosher symbols will appear on packaging in the next few weeks but existing stock is already acceptable. Kosher brands include Darrell Lea, Ricci and Coles. Kosher varieties include Original Soft Eating Liquorice, Blackcurrant Soft Eating Liquorice, Strawberry Soft Eating Liquorice, Green Apple Soft Eating Liquorice, Mango Soft Eating Liquorice, Black Liquorice Twists & Raspberry Liquorice Twists.

11) Fruitwise make a range of healthy fruitstraps and mueslis all under the supervision of Kosher Australia. Please contact them at www.fruitwise.com.au to find out where these products are available from.

12) Anyone who's been to Israel is sure to have sampled a Krembo, or as their known to us English speakers, Danish Kisses. These are now available at local retailers with Kosher Australia certification in packets of 1 dozen and in various flavours. Be sure to check for the Kosher Australia symbol on the packaging.

13) For those who are looking for gluten-free bread mixes, the following brands are Kosher certified - Orgran, Casalare and Well & Good (the latter must carry the Kosher Australia symbol).

14) All Kirk's drinks have now been checked and are acceptable. We are hoping to formally certify them in the next few months.

15) Vegemite is now kosher approved in all sizes including 40g containers and tubes. We are looking to finalise formal certification shortly.

16) The position of the Kosher Australia Rabbinic Board is that Extra Virgin Olive and Virgin Olive Oil now require proper Kosher certification. Brands that Kosher Australia certify are Ollo, Yellingbo, Boundary Bend, and Pendleton Estate. Other widely available brands are Coles, Graparelli (both carrying the OU symbol) and Bertolli.

May you all be inscribed for a sweet, healthy, prosperous and Kosher New Year.

Yankel Wajsbort
General Manager
Kosher Australia Pty Ltd
(direct line) +613 8317 2502
(fax) +613 9527 5665
(main line) +613 8317 2500


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