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In Melbourne Shabbat begins Fri 3 Apr 2020 06:52 PM and ends Sat 4 Apr 2020 07:50 PM

Kashrut updates and advice

י"ט חשון ה' אלפים תשע"ב

Some updates and warnings:

1.       Dynasty Brand Rice Crackers (sold by Costco) carry an unauthorised Kosher Australia kosher symbol. The product contains colour 120 and is not approved nor certified by Kosher Australia . Corrective action is being undertaken.

2.      Be Light Rice Crackers (sold by Aldi) carrying the Kosher symbol of the Beth Din of the Netherlands. The product contains colour 120 and is not recommended by Kosher Australia.

3.       Classic Cinemas have extended their range of Kosher products to include Glicks NY Style pretzels and Igloo Zoo frozen yoghurt (non Chalav Yisrael). Their popcorn is already Kosher certified pareve. Note that they also sell Royal Nut Companies product - only those carrying the Kosher Australia kosher symbol are acceptable.

4.      Colway BBQ Sauce (Aldi) marked 'New and Tastier Flavour' is not approved nor certified by Kosher Australia.

5.       Despite previous advice, Pringles chips not bearing the OU (even if marked MADE IN THE USA) should not be used pending further advice. Existing stock should not be consumed at this stage.

6.      Natvia sweetener is only acceptable when bearing the Kosher Australia kosher symbol. Products without the symbol were produced prior to required Kashrus procedures.

7.       A reminder that 7Eleven slurpees are neither approved nor certified by Kosher Australia  as the syrups used have not been checked for Kashrus compliance. There is a single supplier of these syrups for Australia. Please visit the ‘We Want Kosher Slurpees' Facebook wall to make your voice heard or contact 7Eleven directly http://7eleven.com.au/contact-us or by calling 03 9541 0711.

8.      The following beers are now Kosher certified pareve: Carlton Black, Cascade, Kronenbourg, & Matilda Bay.

9.      The following sizes of Miracle margarines are kosher certified pareve when bearing the Kosher Australia logo - 250g, 500g & 1kg. The manufacturer advises that Kosher product should be in store during January 2012. The different packaging sizes are made on different production lines.

10.   Sweet Vine (Aldi brand) sultanas, product of Turkey, carry the Magen David 'Posher' ‘hechscher' but are not recommended by Kosher Australia. Sweet vine apricots and prunes are Kosher certified pareve.

11.   Tassal hot smoked salmon is now Kosher certified pareve. Note that hot smoked salmon with Creole seasoning is not approved nor certified by Kosher Australia.

12.   Coles brand plain hot smoked salmon (supplier code 954170) is Kosher certified pareve.

13.   Ocean Blue hot smoked salmon and hot smoked salmon with pepper, available at Woolworths, are Kosher certified pareve and carry the Kosher Australia kosher symbol.

14.   Crispy Leaf (crispyleafsalads@gmail.com) is now under Kosher Australia supervision. Salads may also be purchased from Savion Cakes in Elsternwick as well as from the manufacturer.

15.   Orgran Crimpers are Kosher Certified pareve.

16.   Igloo Zoo coconut flavoured yoghurt is Kosher certified dairy (non Cholov Yisroel).

17.    Nespresso Classic - Variations (Vanilla Blossom, Cherry and Dark Chocolate) are Kosher certified pareve by Rav Levinger of Switzerland

18.   Maria's Pasta is kosher certified pareve - plain fresh pasta and plain fresh gnocchi. Note that flavoured and filled pastas are not approved nor certified.

19.   The Body Solutions protein shake range is Kosher certified pareve by the OU. For further information or to purchase from this Body Solution Systems protein shake range, contact Mark Surdut on 0404 043 563, e-mail: thenutritionist@bigpond.com.au or visit his website http://www.thenutritionist.com.au/  

20.  Jo Juice has re-opened after closing temporarily. Opening hours are 11am-9pm Sun-Thru. Cuisine is fleishig/Israeli. Jo Juice is located at the old Lamzini's store, 272 Glen Eira Rd, Elsternwick. For more information, contact Yossi on 0433336755.

We hope to have some positive news regarding Kosher certified ciders and nut spreads. Stay tuned.

In response to many requests, we have launched a Kosher Australia Facebook page (www.facebook.com/kosheraustralia) - please ‘like' & feel free to comment, ask questions, & make suggestions.

Best Regards,

Yankel Wajsbort

General Manager

Kosher Australia Pty Ltd


main tel: 1300 KOSHER

fax: 03 9527 5665

direct: 03 8317 2502

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