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In Melbourne Shabbat begins Fri 3 Apr 2020 06:52 PM and ends Sat 4 Apr 2020 07:50 PM

Q & A for Pesach

א' אדר ה' אלפים תשע"ב

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Send your questions to QandA@cosv.org.au

Please make sure that you have Adobe Flash and Javascript enabled. The Ask-the-Rabbi is on Sunday night 6th April 2008 at 8PM at Caulfield Shule Hall.

Book your place at www.cosv.org.au/qanda.php

Send your questions to QandA@cosv.org.au

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COSV chat

Re the opinion presented at the COSV Pesach Q&A session that HaRav Schachter of the YU, forbids manufacture of soft Matza unless one has a Mesorah, a Tradition: I have an email from a Rabbi at the Yeshiva University, Rabbi Lebowitz - "I spoke to Rav Schachter about this several times. He holds it is completely permissible and has nothing to do with mesorah. He only cautions that you need to have a good hashgacha on the matzah like you would on any matzah that you buy." It is now more important than ever to present to the public the written comment purported to be from HaRav Schachter suggesting that soft Matza may only be manufactured by those with a Tradition, a Mesorah.

Posted on 2012-04-10 07:01:29 GMT

Rabbi Mottel Gutnick mentioned during the Pesach Q&A presentation organised by the COSV, that he has a comment “in writing” from Rabbi H Schachter regarding soft Matza. Would it be too much trouble to have a facsimile of this document published?

Posted on 2012-03-31 12:12:22 GMT

Following on from Asher's question, is there any concept in the Minhagim of having specially designated dishes which are used only for gebrochts?

Posted by Ralph on 2012-03-23 00:34:15 GMT

Can a person who eats gebrochts ONLY on the last night of pesach but is makpid not to eat gebrochts throughout the first 7 days of pesach , use those very same keilim that he ate the gebrochts on, for next year during the first 7 days of pesach?

Posted by Asher Tugendhaft on 2012-03-23 00:31:20 GMT

We know from the writings of the rishonim and achronim about Kitniyos and can therefore see why Ashkenazim do not use Kitniyos. We also know that the Baal Hatanya is the first Achron to document the minhag of not using gebrocks. Is there any record of when Ashkenazim started the practice of using flat matzos?

Posted by Anon on 2012-03-23 00:22:54 GMT

The first halochos of Pesach don’t deal with kashrus issues. They deal with a monetary matter - Maos Chittin - Kincha Depischa. Is there a role for the Rab-binate to comment about the prices of staple Pesach food products? There was an item in the AJN about an increase in the price of meat. There was very little reaction in the Jewish media about this matter. Is this something that the Rabbinate should comment on?

Posted by Anonymous on 2012-03-23 00:06:43 GMT

Is there Kosher lepesach baking powder available?

Posted by Gary on 2012-03-22 22:40:17 GMT

How does one prepare a stove top for Pesach? New grates cost as much as entire stove, so that is not an option. Stove is stainless steel top with iron grates. Can stove be cleaned and covered with foil, and grates cleaned well and steel trivets be placed over them so that the food is not in direct contact with the original grates?

Posted by Rita on 2012-03-21 03:01:59 GMT

What meats are not allowed at the Seder and in which way can't they be cooked.

Posted by Amnon Trebish on 2012-03-15 10:06:04 GMT

If you cover you bench tops to you need to kasher them as well? How do you kasher a sink for pesach?

Posted by Zalman on 2012-03-14 21:57:13 GMT

I've always wanted to know whether my urn which is only used for water - can be easily kashered for Pesach

Posted on 2012-03-04 06:08:30 GMT

For those who abstain from Matza sheruya except for the last day - Shabbos - how do we prepare the foods for that day?

Posted on 2012-03-04 06:07:39 GMT

We normally dont use our (electric) shabbos blech during Pesach. But given that this year the first night Pesach is on Shabbos (and we are restricted with our ability to cook and to keep food warm as compared to Yom Tov) we'd like to use the 'chometzdike' electric blech to keep food warm for the seder. Can my husband make the blech pesachdik?

Posted by Leah on 2012-03-04 00:36:57 GMT

Are you allowed to play (or listen to) live music during Chol Hamoed (being that it is during the sfira)?

Posted on 2012-03-03 21:16:53 GMT

Apart from not being able to carry the candelabra to the door for Eliyahu, are there any other differences in the way a seder needs to be conducted when it falls on Shabbat?

Posted by Naomi on 2012-03-02 00:50:46 GMT

Are you allowed to grate Maror on Shabbat with a shinui?

Posted by Ralph Zwier on 2012-03-02 00:48:26 GMT

How can hard plastic containers be kashered?

Posted by Ruth on 2012-03-02 00:45:33 GMT

What kind of meat can be eaten at the Seder

Posted by Esther on 2012-03-02 00:44:18 GMT

Is there any problem with leaving hardboiled eggs overnight in the refrigerator?

Posted by Esther on 2012-03-02 00:43:22 GMT