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In Melbourne Shabbat begins Fri 10 Apr 2020 05:41 PM and ends Sat 11 Apr 2020 06:40 PM

Big Community-wide Sukkot celebration

ח' תשרי ה' אלפים תשע"ה

Dear Rabbi/President

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health.

Chabad Youth is once again organising a communal Simchat Beit Hashoeva festival at Luna Park. We will have exclusive use of the park on Monday, 13th of October from 5-8pm.

The cost will be $15 entry per head for unlimited rides, for pre purchased tickets. Included in the festivities will be a live Jewish band, entertainers, kosher food and a large Sukkah.

This will be a magnificent opportunity for the Jewish community as a whole to participate together in a communal event.

Wishing you and your Shule members a happy, sweet New Year.

I have attached a flyer for you to send out to your congregation or hang up in your shule.

Thanking you in advance,

Moshe Kahn

In summary, the event is fast approaching on Monday the 13th of October and we would love to have you all join us at this event,


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Original piece is http://www.cosv.org.au/succot_5775.pdf

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