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JCCV Awards

ה' כסלו ה' אלפים תשס"ח

Harvey Bruce - Award - Council of Orthodox Synagogues of Victoria 

The COSV is the formally incorporated roof body for the Victorian Orthodox community and as a result of Harvey's involvement has been made particularly relevant to many elements of orthodox synagogue membership.

Harvey has served on the Board of the COSV for a period of twenty years since 1987. For most of that time he has held the outreach portfolio responsible for our beginners' Hebrew reading classes and haftarah reading training classes. Most recently he coordinated the scholar in residence tour involving Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald. This complicated hands on involvement was carried out in an exemplary fashion

COSV aside, his communal involvement extends back to his student days. It included the presidency of MONJSS in 1970/71, serving then for two years as Editor of the Generation Gap column in AJN and serving as a Hillel Executive Member. From 1976 to 1974 he taught on behalf of the United Jewish Education Board at the Hebrew school located at the South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation

Since 1976 (and continuing) Harvey has been a member of the Board of South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation, an important COSV constituent. He was Vice President from 1982 to 1987, President from 1987 to 1990 and Gabbai since then.

The COSV is very proud of Harvey's record of communal service and we would very much welcome communal recognition of that record.

Heidi Hayden - Award - Northeastern Jewish Centre

Heidi has been an integral part of the NEJWC for the past 19 years. She has been the oil that removes the squeaks makes the admin wheel run smoothly and efficiently.

Heidi has over the years been committed to the North Eastern Centre and fortified this trait by representing many areas of the Centre including the Playgroup, the Kindergarten, the School, and being the Activities Coordinator.

This was just the beginning and a stepping stone to being elected to the Board of Management as the Honoury Secretary and now taking the dual role as the Vice President as well.

Balancing a very active family, business interests and her various roles at the Centre in itself has been quite remarkable and a deserving recognition for a very special person who so richly deserves this award.

Noel Levin - Award - St Kilda Hebrew Congregation

Noel Levin must be one of the most recognisable figures around St Kilda Shule. In the scorching heat of summer or on frosty winter's mornings, it's mostly his smiling face that warmly greets worshippers coming to our Shule as he "guards" the main entrance. When he finally is able to come into Shule, it is from his seat that sincerity and devotion arises.

Noel Levin joined our Congregation shortly after his marriage to his wife, Jenny in 1960. In common parlance, "he hit the ground running" and immediately began to involve himself enthusiastically in virtually every department of Synagogue life. This enormous involvement, dedication and leadership have been the consistent hallmark of his relationship with his beloved Shule.

But a few years after joining the Synagogue Board, more than three decades ago, Noel Levin took executive office and succeeded the late Lyall Sussman as President for two terms from 1975 -1977. His leadership was from the front and his caring and affable manner struck a chord with the members. His zest was a wonderful stimulus for the Congregation and the then Chief Minister, the late Rabbi Ronald Lubofsky.

Following his successful stint as President, Noel has remained on the Board of Management as one of its longest serving most active and dedicated members. He is a friend and confidant to all our ministers and is always open to share his wisdom and sensitivity as a human being who deeply cares for Jews, Judaism and his fellow man. The committees he has led and serves on relate to the entire gamut of Shule life.

In particular Noel has developed a unique love for our historic Shule building and the enhancement and maintenance of all our facilities and the Congregation's properties as a whole. Every task is undertaken with love and only the best outcome is always sought. He liaises with all our workers and tradesmen in a most dignified and cordial manner and literally spends hours to achieve optimum results in the interests of our Congregation. Noel's commitment is not confined to simply attending meetings or directing work around our Shule, he is more than prepared to get involved physically doing work and inspections under the Shule floor and quite regularly scales the heights inside and on top of our Synagogue Dome.

When security became an issue of concern in the last two decades, Noel convened the security committee and through his personality inspired others to join him in ensuring the safety of our members and buildings. So much loyalty and such a response did he inspire, that St Kilda Shule could proudly lead the congregations of our community by independently supplying its own security from within our membership. He also continuously leads his team working with the security establishment as a constructive contributing partner.

Noel was a long-time successful Editor of the Synagogue Journal, the Chronicle; he displays a profound interest in the content and presentation of our Services.

In 1998 Noel was honoured with the appointment as a Life Governor, the most esteemed position in our Congregation. One may rightly say that more than he is a ‘Life Governo'r, the needs of our Shule govern Noel's life. He occupies this position, together with his three co- Governors, with great distinction and is a source of inspiration, wisdom and guidance to our Presidents, Executives, Boards of management as well as each and every member.

With all this hard work over so many decades Noel retains his youthful refreshing "can do" attitude. His love of our Shule is exemplary, a tower of strength and a beacon of inspiration for all.

It was for the reasons stated above that we unanimously nominate Noel Levin for this award as a mark of the love and esteem in which he is held at our Shule. We express our gratitude for his outstanding ongoing contribution. At the same time we express our appreciation to Noel's wife, Jenny, and the family who have enabled him to live out his passion for our Shule to give the time and energy for what is undoubtedly an outstanding labour of love.

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COSV chat

Noel and Jenny Levin have been dear friends of our family ever since we were neighbors in Albany Court. The description of his devotion is spot on.

Posted by Ralph Zwier on 2007-11-14 23:39:29 GMT