The Eruv status is not yet available this week

With the assistance of Mizrachi, Kollel Beth Hatalmud and the Adass Israel, and under the Halachic control and supervision originally of Rabbi S. Eider, Rabbi Z.Beck and more recently of Rabbi Y. Sprung, weekly inspections of the Eruv takes place and any necessary repairs are undertaken on an immediacy basis thereby ensuring that the Eruv is halachically reliable for the ensuing Shabbat.

In 2006, reflecting the demographic changes in an expanding community, the Eruv was expanded from its initial coverage of Caulfield, St Kilda, Elwood and Brighton to include Moorabbin, Carnegie and Bentleigh.

Serious investigative work and halachic enquiries are currently being undertaken by Melbourne Eruv Pty Ltd with a view to extending the Eruv boundaries to encompass Malvern Chabad, Cabrini Hospital in Malvern and the Avenue Hospital in Prahran.

For more information go to: MELBOURNE ERUV