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Kashrut update

ד' אב ה' אלפים תשס"ז


Kraft Foods and Kosher Australia are pleased to announce that after several months of collaborative efforts, Kosher approved Vegemite will now be available across all retail jar sizes of Vegemite. This change is being made in conjunction with a change in packaging format for Vegemite. Some existing Vegemite packs including the 175g Kosher approved jar size will by superseded by a range of new jar sizes. In the future Kosher approved Vegemite will be available in the existing 235g size and new 150g, 220g, 400g and 600g packs. 

The Kosher approved product will continue to be denoted by a "K" before the 'best before' date and the new jar sizes are expected to be in general distribution by the end of September 2007. During the transition period always check for the "K" designation to ensure you are purchasing the new Kosher approved stock.

Consumers are invited to contact the Kraft Advistory Team on 1800 033 275 or visit http://www.kraftfoods.com.au/ with their comments.

Akta Vite

Kosher Australia would like to congratulate Myerton Australia who manufactures Akta Vite. Late 2006 they obtained Kosher certification and new containers of Akta Vite proudly carry the Kosher Australia symbol. Akta Vite is Kosher certified pareve and available in most retail outlets. You can contact Myerton Australia on (03) 9419 8255 or visit the Akta Vite website http://www.aktavite.com.au/.

The Old Colonial Cookie Company

Recently the Old Colonial Cookie Company gained kosher certification for their entire range and have gradually incorporated the Kosher Australia symbol into their packaging. Well done! All their products are Kosher certified dairy (non Cholov Yisroel) and Pas Yisroel. Selected varieties are available at the major supermarkets and duty free stores. Visit http://www.butterfingers.com.au/ or call on (03) 9735 0855.

Availability of Golden Circle Juices:

We have received a number of queries re the availability of the Golden Circle juice varieties in the major food retailers. Golden Circle have assured us that their products are well ranged in the supermarkets. However, they recommend the following:

"Any customers who cannot purchase a juice of their choice in their local store, should phone the Woolworths Help Desk on 1300 767 967 (or visit http://www.woolworths.com.au/), or Coles Customer Relations 1800 357 021 (or visit http://www.coles.com.au/) or enquire with the particular store manager. (Preference is for the Help Desk, as this is referred to the Regional Managers).

A store's ranging is generally determined by the size or footage of their juice section. Unfortunately it does not always cater for the local demographics of a particular area.

However, if a store or region receives numerous requests, then sometimes a product can be ‘ranged in' to a store."

Missing Kosher symbol on Vita Brits:

For a number of years, a number of Uncle Toby's products such as Vita Brits have carried the Kosher Australia symbol. Recently with the change of ownership, the packaging artwork has been revamped by Nestle without the Kosher symbol. This was done ‘to reduce clutter'.

Please note that this has no impact on the Kashrus status of the product.  VitaBrits, VitaBrits Organic, Vita Honey Malt Weeties, Uncle Toby's Oats and Vita Weeties remain Kosher-certified pareve even without the logo.

Consumers have been invited by Nestle to call 1800 025 361 or visit http://www.nestle.com.au/ to express their opinion.

Best Regards,
Kosher Australia
(t) +613 8317 2500
(f) +613 9527 5665
(w) www.kosher.org.au

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COSV chat

yasher koach !!

Posted on 2007-07-19 19:23:19 GMT

Congratulations on your good work. On behalf of my children and grandchildren a big thanks for Kosher Vegemite

Posted by Leslie Roth on 2007-07-19 05:01:18 GMT