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In Melbourne Shabbat begins Fri 3 Apr 2020 06:52 PM and ends Sat 4 Apr 2020 07:50 PM

Kashrut - alerts, clarifications, information

כ"ד שבט ה' אלפים תשס"ט

Here are some alerts, clarifications & information.

1) Raisin infestation:

A Joint Statement by the Kashrut Authority (NSW)  & Kosher Australia (Vic)

“Notwithstanding recent publication of warnings in relation to infestation in raisins and sultanas , our investigations as well as consultations with professionals in the field have shown no change to the situation in Australia. Furthermore please note that the Orthodox Union (OU)  ‘upholds its original position that raisins, when stored under normal conditions (cool, dry and clean environments) do not require checking for the presence of worms or insects’ - please see their website.”

2) Osem ‘Meals-on-the-Go’, Creamy Pasta Chicken Flavour: Traces of dairy ingredients have been found in this product. The OU advises that the product is halachically pareve.

3) Strauss Potato & Onion Ravioli: Please note that this product, available from Coles kosher sections, is actually dairy.

4) Movenpick Ice Cream: Recently we have received queries concerning the Kosher status of this product and after intensive enquiries here and in Europe, we are not satisfied that this products meets the standards of Kosher Australia and therefore we are unable to recommend the product. We have suggested remedial actions to the manufacturer and local distributor.  We will notify consumers of any update to this information as and if further information comes to hand.

5)  Please be advised that some ALDI mandarins are marked as product of Israel (see the small print notification on the label) . Information from the Rabbanut in Israel is that fruits and vegetables exported from Israel without a specific certificate of Kashrus must be assumed to require Terumah and Maaser to be taken, will be subject to the restrictions of shemita and may be subject to orla. It is therefore recommended to avoid purchasing these items.

Please note that the 2009 Kosher Australia Food Guide will be available from 2/3/09. If you have yet to resubscribe, please do so by visiting our website and downloading the form which can then be emailed to info@kosher.org.au.

The link is www.kosher.org.au/subscriptions.htm

Best Regards,

Yankel Wajsbort
General Manager
Kosher Australia

direct tel: 03 8317 2502
office tel: 03 8317 2500 or 1300-Kosher
office fax: 03 9527 5665


Please note that all information provided to us is kept strictly confidential and is used for religious purposes only.

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