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In Melbourne Shabbat begins Fri 3 Apr 2020 06:52 PM and ends Sat 4 Apr 2020 07:50 PM

Stunning result for shechitah

כ"ו חשון ה' אלפים תש"ע

Last week’s Mizrachi Matters reported on current submissions being made to the Federal Minister for Agriculture on the issue of stunning lambs prior to shechitah.

It should be noted that the article contained an incorrect reference to prestunning. The government was not considering the removal of the exemption for pre-stunning before shechitah but post-stunning immediately after shechitah.

There is no requirement to pre-stun animals killed for kosher consumption. The issue being considered was the threat to withdraw the existing exemption of the requirement to post-stun lamb that were not pre-stunned. The stunning in small animals such as lamb generally kills them before the shechitah process is completed. Following last week’s meeting, Kosher Australia was advised that there is to be no change to the regulatory regime and, accordingly, shechitah will continue without any stunning. The primary industry departments will continue to consult with relevant parties on appropriate risk management strategies to promote animal welfare in the ritual slaughter process.

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