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In Melbourne Shabbat begins Fri 3 Apr 2020 06:52 PM and ends Sat 4 Apr 2020 07:50 PM

Parshat Chukus

כ"ט סיון ה' אלפים תשע"א


Torah Reading this week
Parshat Chukas Bamindbar - Numbers 19:1-22:1  
Haftorah: Isaiah 66:1-24 
    Rosh Chodesh Tammuz this Shabbat and Sunday

Rosh Chodesh ("Head of the Month") days for the Hebrew month of "Tammuz" consists of two days both last day of the month and the first day of the following month.

Special portions are added to our prayers:
  • Hallel (Psalms 113-118) is recited -- in its "partial" form -- following the Shacharit morning prayer
  • On Rosh Chodesh Shabbat, the Haftorah is read from Yishayah (Isaiah) Chap. 66 which deals with the war of Gog and Magog preceeding the final redemption and the building of the Beth Hamikdash, the eventual universal recongition of the greatness of Hashem and that only sincere and true devotion to Hashem is valued
  • special additions are made to the Shabbat Musaf Service
  • Yaaleh V'yavo prayer is added to the Amidah and to Grace After Meals
  • Tachnun (confession of sins) and similar prayers are omitted on Sunday

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