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In Melbourne Shabbat begins Fri 3 Apr 2020 06:52 PM and ends Sat 4 Apr 2020 07:50 PM

Statement about soft matza

י' ניסן ה' אלפים תשע"ב

In response to inquiries about the halachic acceptability or otherwise of the laffa-style soft matzos which are under the supervision of a private business known as ‘Kosher VeYosher’ (also known as ‘It's Kosher’), the Rabbinical Council of Victoria (RCV) reaffirms its position that this product should not be consumed or owned by a Jewish person during the festival of Pesach.

In addition to the RCV's definitive statement dated 7 July 2010 in relation to the ‘Kosher VeYosher’ business in general, in which it affirmed – following detailed consultation with three leading international kashrus authorities – that ‘Kosher VeYosher’ had been authorizing the kashrus of products and establishments through means which do not conform to the standards adopted by international halachic and kashrus authorities, the RCV remains particularly concerned about the availability of the said laffa-style soft matzos due to the severe Biblical prohibition of owning or eating chametz on Pesach.

Furthermore, the Kashrut Authority in New South Wales (KA) last year released a statement which confirmed that the ‘Kosher VeYosher’ certification cannot be relied upon in general. In particular, the KA statement referred to first hand information it received during its visit to the plant at which the flour for the soft matzos was produced in 2010 and to its discussions with the flour manufacturer at that plant, and noted that the soft matzos in question were likely chametz because:

  1. ordinary flour that was not kosher for Pesach was used in its production;
  2. the conveyor belt was sprinkled with maize starch; and
  3. the process heat was not sufficient for the baking of matza.

The above information only became known to the KA after Pesach of that year. The implications for those members of the community who did in fact own and/or consume this product during Pesach of that year are severe. The KA noted in its statement that ‘Kosher VeYosher’ had addressed some of the above issues on the ‘Kosher VeYosher’ website, but concluded that in its professional opinion, after having reviewed the explanations made and positions taken by ‘Kosher VeYosher’ and based upon its own first hand experience and knowledge, the ‘Kosher VeYosher' certification cannot be relied upon at any time.

Consequently, the RCV once again cautions the community against the ownership or consumption of this product during Pesach and advises those who may have already purchased it to include it in their chametz items sold prior to Pesach. The RCV wishes the entire community a kosher and joyous Pesach.

Rabbinical Council of Victoria

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COSV chat

B'H My apologies and I do concur that this got a bit off topic here. I just get narked every time someone has a go at Chabad for the sake of having a go. The issue of soft matza indeed has nothing to do with an analysis of the merits of Chabad or not. Chabad being a highly visible Jewish group and active tend to attract jealousy and people who wish they were as successful and doing what Chabad does as well. The ban on soft matza has to do with halachic issues and not whether the Beth Din that rules on it is full of Chabad or whatever other brand of rabbinic smcha is floating around.It is ruled chametz purely on halachic grounds and I stand guilty of sniping. I apologise for my ill mannered and nasty reply. KLP

Posted by Ilana Leeds on 2012-04-03 14:45:28 GMT

I have removed 3 comments which have nothing to do with soft Matza. 'Elijah', this is not the forum to analyse the merits or otherwise of the Chabad movement. Sorry Ilana, but your answers to 'Elijah' are also off topic with respect to soft Matza.

Posted by Ralph Zwier on 2012-04-03 11:58:02 GMT

you gotta be kidding, even in the good old days, when Keepin Pesach only ment eating Matza in our family, we would have laughed at using wraps. Even the secular jews, who go to Shul once a year wouldnt be fooled by this one.

Posted by Gary Jones on 2012-04-02 12:18:42 GMT

So this is a Chabad plot? Sure. And Global Warming is real. Putting aside the absurdity of this assertion by an obvious supporter of MR, would MR explain why 1) he found the need to innovate with 'soft matzos' something that is so outside the pale? 2) refused to provide any information regarding how or where they were made and actually decided that he could use regular flour when clearly any simple reading of the standard commentaries excludes regular Australian flour, 3) why he is attempting to undermine existing kosher programmes within the community, 4) why he is attempting to market himself as a major international kosher authority (has he no shame?) to all and sundry except those that are aware of his lack of credibility within the frum world who know him & his game? 5) why, despite requests and letters from the the London Beth Din does he continue to misuse and lie about having their haskomo - the London Beth Din have publicly demanded that he cease and desist, a request that he ignores, 6) why does he refuse to show his semicha documentation to Rabbis? Ultimately, MR is prepared to have people eat Chometz on Pesach, not keep Kosher properly (or at all!) so long as he is made to look like the next Moshe Rabbenu (well better than Moshe Rabbenu). BTW Would MR try his lawfare trick on the COSV?

Posted on 2012-04-02 10:59:13 GMT

Its free world, if you want to eat Chometz charaded as matza - feel free if it makes you happy. If you want to Keep Kosher, go with the majority of respected Rabbonim, [whether you like them or not!] and you cant go wrong. One out of step individual is not the Authority either! Tek the Chom,tz from your heart, and be respectful. The Rebbe said its not being right thats important its being Kind..

Posted by Meir BZ on 2012-04-02 06:07:50 GMT

B"H Mizrachi Kashrut is controlled by Chabad, Adass and Kollel dont participate except within their community and ignore what goes on, giving Chabad full control, which Chabad boasts of publically. This is nothing more than another Chabad bully tactic.

Posted on 2012-04-01 23:36:11 GMT

B'H There are other rabbis in this community that are well respected in Beit Hatalmud and Adass. Rav Beck has made rulings that are contrary to Chabad and I gather he does not eat his matza in bags and there are people in Adass and others in the Mizrachi community whose kashrut is not Chabad. This is a far deeper issue than you are allowing. It i s about Jews sticking to gether and on some things other than chumeras or minchaggim agreeing on a certain standard. What you say is insulting to the mainstream Chabad Chassidim and I detect a deep seated hatred of Chabad. You have a bit of chometz to clean out there old chap, before Pesach. Why are you trying to make this such a Chabad versus the rest of Jewry issue? It is not. At Pesach we should be pulling together as one Jewish national family around the seder tables everywhere. Don't be petty. Life is too short.

Posted by Ilana Leeds on 2012-04-01 23:15:26 GMT

This is in a community controlled exclusively by Chabad Rabbanim, which is generally against mainstream Orthodoxy. Your continued push to push out any viewpoint but your own is not unnoticed and will bring the community to grief. Chabad is not always right and this attitude is intolerable.

Posted on 2012-04-01 23:05:55 GMT

B'H Politics aside, it is incumbent on the issuing authority to go by the ruling of a majority of the Rabbanim. That is clearly laid out in halacha. This is not an emotive issue or a political one. There is nothing sick about it. It is halacha and the halacha process stands for a reason.The only person playing politics is the person who goes against the ruling of the majority of rabbonim. We all need to submit ourselves to a higher authority and we are not an island unto ourselves but part of a community.

Posted by Ilana Leeds on 2012-04-01 23:01:25 GMT

Your outlawing of this product appears to have nothing to do with Halacha and everything to do with politics. This is sick.

Posted on 2012-04-01 21:31:31 GMT